Over the last two decades, led by founder Evgeny Cherepakhov, Bentley Investments has been working with internationally-renowned partners to bring world-class design and levels of service to the residential, commercial and office spaces that we develop, build and manage.

Our aim is a lasting contribution to the quality of life in Gibraltar. We remain invested in our projects here, with value and returns founded on delivering the right product for people and businesses in the territory today and tomorrow, exemplified most recently in EuroCity, our flagship, mixed-use development in Gibraltar’s central business district.

As a family business, we are able to put the long-term at the centre of all we do. This is reflected in our careful attention to planning, finish and detail as well as our strategic stewardship of buildings and the public realm. It is also apparent in the positive relationships we have with our occupiers and investors, as well as the government.

We have grown as Gibraltar has evolved. It is our home.

But what lies behind our track record of success is as constant as the Rock itself: a passion for perfection.



Our Chairman is a British entrepreneur with Eastern European ancestry, who founded the business and has lived and worked in Gibraltar for over 20 years.

With top level experience in a variety of industries across the globe, Evgeny is the visionary behind all of Bentley Investments’ projects, and he is the key driver in the company’s growth to this day.

Evgeny is the visionary leading a team of highly experienced architects, engineers and designers who are responsible for the design, construction and delivery of each Bentley Investments’ development. He works closely with businesses and government in Gibraltar to help meet the current needs of Gibraltarians and create future-proof developments and investment opportunities. He personally supervises every stage of each development, ensuring they are completed to the highest standards, as he takes great pride in the finished product.


As a family firm based in Gibraltar we strive for perfection and are focused on design excellence, fine craftsmanship, exceptional service and the delivery of sustainable value. We take a long-term view, and build strong relationships.

With Bentley Investments we invest in residential and commercial real estate plus supporting services, carefully considering our investment criteria based on economic growth potential and current market requirements. We prioritise the quality of the asset with a world-class management approach.

EVGENY CHEREPAKHOV - Bentley Investments Gibraltar

I want to create residential and commercial properties that will bring international standards of service and quality of design and construction to Gibraltar. There is huge potential here and I feel a profound obligation to create a lasting legacy for Gibraltar, for my own family and others.

I feel fortunate to live in such a safe yet exciting environment with a wonderful lifestyle and excellent investment growth opportunities.


Chairman, Bentley Investments Group


The Manser Practice have been working with Bentley over the last two years devising, refining and planning Eurocity, a 360 unit residential development with significant public realm, retail, commercial and parking. The development, the biggest in Gibraltar, will be a significant development by any standards and the process of working with Bentley has demonstrated their clarity of vision, straightforward approach and determination to make a positive contribution to Gibraltar and it's built environment. We have found Bentley enthusiastic, challenging, constructive and open to new ideas and we hope that the designs are a true reflection of this refreshing and forward thinking approach to development.

Mr Jonathan ManserDirector, The Manser Practice

We have been working with Bentley Investments since 2010. Our relationship with Bentley has grown closer, fuelled by mutual trust, respect and the yearning for quality and professionalism throughout the property development cycle. We are privileged to be engaged again on their next project, Eurocity, which is destined to become the place to live in the heart of Gibraltar’s business district.

Mr Mike Nicholls FCAManaging Director, Chestertons Gibraltar

We have found the Bentley Investments team to be highly motivated, passionate and supportive in all our activities, which has led to the projects being viewed as successful in every respect. Although Bentley Investments is our client, we feel very much as though they are our partners which creates a dynamic, proactive and successful relationship to the benefit of both parties.

Mr David MuskettDirector, AKS

Working with Bentley Investments has been an extremely positive experience, as both of our companies share the same management principles and values; we are both family-oriented and supported by highly experienced competent consultants and workers. Our target is to continue to strengthen and establish a long-term relationship with Bentley Investments, supporting them either here in Gibraltar or anywhere else in the world where they may need us.

Mr Helder Mendes SilvaManaging Director, Casais

We have worked with Bentley Investments since 2018, when we were given the opportunity to participate in the amazing Eurocity project. Despite facing many challenging circumstances during the construction process, such as the impacts of Brexit & Covid-19, together we were able to overcome all difficulties, and are excited to see EuroCity become a reality in the coming months.

Álvaro Ruiz ÁvilaDirector General Edificación, Sacyr Construcción


Collaboration with talented partners who share our values continues to be essential to our success. Our extended team includes award-winning architects Manser, designers of our sustainable EuroCity development and masterplan, global blue-chips Sacyr SA & Grupo Casais for a commitment to quality and reliability in construction and the renowned AKS engineering consultancy for integrity and structural certainty. For investment consultancy and international levels of management and concierge level service, Chestertons.