Bentley Investments Sponsors the Clubhouse Gibraltar New Premises

We believe that community matters, and in a place as tightly knit together as Gibraltar, it matter doubly as much. At Bentley Investments we’re always looking for ways to participate and give back to our community, and so we are delighted to announce our partnership with The ClubHouse Gibraltar, a NPO that is providing support for those who have been affected by mental illness and mental health problems.

It is an extraordinary organisation dedicated to transforming the lives of members of the community who otherwise might feel ostracised, overlooked, or seen as a burden.

The brainchild of Emily Adamberry Olivero MBE, the current CEO, The ClubHouse is self-financing and relies on grants, donations and fund raising to provide face to face contact during a 45-hour weekly support with 5 qualified mental health professional free of charge. Their philosophy? That everyone can recover sufficiently from serious mental illness to lead satisfying lives.

On January 23rd 2020, The ClubHouse unveiled its new premises on 304A Main Street, with The Hon. Chief Minister Picardo giving a speech during the launch. The new premises will now offer adequate facilities to provide three work units: business and administration, hospitality and charity shop. Using a psychosocial model, The ClubHouse allows members to develop to their full potential by providing them with meaningful work and training.

From their new location, the ClubHouse will now be able to increase the scope and level of services it provides to its members, including a work ordered day, employment and education programmes, health, well-being and housing programmes as well as a community support and outreach scheme.

Bentley Investments were delighted to be able to support these endeavours by sponsoring the Employment and Education Room in the new location, providing a vital facility for both staff and members where they would be able to develop their skills sets and provide support and administration.

Clubhouse Gibraltar
January 2020

Bentley Investments Sponsors New Premises For The Clubhouse Gibraltar

clubhouse premises sponsored by bentley investments
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