Tuesday 23rd January saw GBC and the Gibraltar Chronicle on site to cover the ground-breaking ceremony for the EuroCity pedestrianisation project. The works start with the passageway between EuroTowers and EuroCity before moving on to the larger, more prominent areas of Europort Avenue and Europort road.

The Bentley Group is collaborating with the Ministry of Transport in this project to bring a “green street” vision to life in the highly developed business district.

The project is designed to create a low-emission and eco-friendly zone dedicated to pedestrians and giving back to the community with green areas mixed with commercial, purposely thought through to provide a beautiful space for the public to enjoy.

The first phase incorporates a giant mural from local artist Jose Caballero and will be the largest display of his work to date. The mural will help in bringing life to the street alongside the envisaged commercial zones with the aim to serve healthy food and snacks to all who live, work and visit the area, something we see as a necessity, especially for young people in the light of the recent increase in schools in the area.

Work on phase one is expected to take around six to eight months, before moving on to phase two, the pedestrianisation of Europort Avenue.

The ceremony was attended by the Government’s project director, Carl Viagas, who expressed his enthusiasm for the project and the extension of pedestrianisation schemes outside the city walls for the first time.

Anna Cherepakhova, director at the Bentley Group of Companies, Thanked the Ministry of Transport including the current Minister of Transport, Dr. John Cortes as well as the former Minister of Transport, Paul Balban, for their work and assistance in making this project become a reality.

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