Bentley Investments Donates to New Los Barrios Dog Sanctuary

SOS PERRERA LOS BARRIOS is a non-profit organisation that accommodates, cares for and re-homes ALL the unwanted and abandoned dogs taken in by Control Zoosanitario Los Barrios (which covers the whole of the Campo de Gibraltar – 8 municipalities). We currently have over 300 dogs in our care. We receive no government funding (this goes to Control Zoosanitario who are within their rights to put the dogs to sleep after 10 days) and rely on donations, events and fundraisers to cover all the costs of caring for these dogs.

In June 2020, after severe flooding in area, the Los Barrios Dog Rescue Centre was forced to find new premises.

They were given the opportunity to build a new sanctuary in Los Barrios and after paying a hefty deposit for the plot of land with funds from the town council and other private donors, still needed to raise funds to build new kennels and equip the premises.

Bentley Investments were delighted to be able to sponsor some of the kennel facilities, helping to ensure the dogs in their care were safe and dry all year round.

Los Barrios Dog Rescue Logo
January 2020

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