Bentley Investments has been an established part of the Gibraltar community for the last two decades. We are committed to playing a significant role in its future for the next 20 years and beyond, building the architecture that such a distinctive landmark and its residents deserve. Gibraltar today is a recognised financial centre with a discerning, international population. Our vision of a positive contribution to Gibraltar tomorrow is a direct response to that, delivering an aspirational quality of life realised through exemplary standards of contemporary, sustainable design, development and service.



People make places, but places shape lives too. We take our role as a place-maker seriously. Creating a quality public realm is integral to realising our vision of lasting, living places that people and businesses can enjoy in Gibraltar. Our choice of landscape designers reflects that. We share the same goal, working closely with them to create unique, complementary environments that add value to our developments.


Each development we build improves on the last and takes us closer to our vision, building environments and communities with quality of life at their heart. Nowhere more so than EuroCity, our latest milestone development, destined to become Gibraltar’s prime business and residential location. Designed in partnership with the award-winning Manser practice of architects, EuroCity has been defined, refined and planned with sustainability at the forefront of their thinking, and a careful consideration of the right mix of life-time apartments, shopping, office and retail space that lifts the central business district to a new level.



Conceived with sustainable design at its heart, the EuroCity residential and shopping complex was designed by architect Jonathan Manser and his team from the award-winning Manser Practice of Architects, providing a quality development in Gibraltar’s business district.


Project due for completion in 2024
World class design and services
Views of the Rock, Spain and Africa

Situated between Europort Avenue and Europort Road on an existing reclaimed area designated for development, the scheme consists of three lozenge-shaped towers springing from a stepped two storey garden podium concealing extensive above ground car parking and commercial space at street level.

EuroCity provides over 300 new private sector homes, office space lush outdoor gardens for residents, a gym, pool, as well as a launderette, coffee bars and restaurants. Retail and shopping units lining the towers at street level will serve both residents and visitors. Addressing the requirement for increased parking facilities, EuroCity includes parking for cars as well as motorcycles.

One of the key objectives for the project is to create exceptional pedestrian friendly public spaces in and around the buildings. To achieve this, the architects have borrowed from the language of North-African cities to carve a network of open organic alleyways punctuated with cooling, shaded, courtyards that echo the labyrinthine feel of the old city.

EuroCity embraces the need for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction, with solar panels on the roof, a rain collection system to provide water for irrigation, and a heat exchange system between the building and swimming pools. EuroCity is one of the first developments in Gibraltar to feature a concierge service, offering its residents laundry collection, food delivery and maintenance repairs through a dedicated app. This luxury development brings a London-standard of property service to the Mediterranean.